Drivetrain replacement

The 2.3 L and four speed had to go.  In their place a small block, T5, and 8.8 will reside.  This will be a straight forward swap.  

The motor is a 302 bored .040" over with a flat tappet cam, ported E7 heads that have been milled to achieve a 10:1 compression ration.  This motor was built up to mimic the one done in 5.0 magazine in the June '98 issue.  Their motor made 387 hp with a Performer RPM and carb.  I will be using a little different cam and a larger bore.

This motor contains a set of Summit stage two rods in stock length.  The rods are weight matched, have ARP wave lock rod bolts, and have polished beams.  The crank is cut .020" on the rods and mains.  New trimetal bearings were used.  A windage tray, HV oil pump with stock pan, ARP main and head studs, MSD distributor, MSD 6AL, and a Weiand four barrel intake round things up.  To give it that little extra bit of go will be a 125 hp NOS kit.

The transmission is a superduty T5 built by Don Walsh Jr. featuring a super alloy 2.95 gearset and steel bearing retainer.  The shifter is a Pro 5.0.  A Lakewood bellhousing covering a steel flywheel and centerforce clutch finish things off here.

An aluminum driveshaft connects the tranny to an 8.8 rear with a 4.10 gear set and a T/A cover.  The rear is held in place by South Side lower bars.

The frontend is out of an '89 GT.  It has 11" brakes, poly bushings and KYB struts.  The powersteering rack was replaced by a manual unit.  

For wheels and tires I went with a set of '89 factory turbines and BFG Dragradials (275-50-15) on back and BFG Comp TA's in front (205-55-zr15).  The car is lowered 1 1/2".

The exhaust consists of 1 5/8" longtube headers, offroad H-pipe, Summit turbo mufflers, and GT tailpipes.  The pipe is all 2 1/2".

That does it for the drivetrain.  Some of this work is still in progress so I can't give any driving remarks yet.  I'll fill everybody in on how it performs once I get it on the road.