My toy

This is my 89 GT.  It has gone through several changes.  It started out as a two tone, blue and silver hatchback GT.  I repainted it in solid blue.  First I added Mac 1 5/8" equal length headers, Mac 2 1/2" offroad h-pipe, Flowmaster American thunder cat back, Auto meter gauges (Procomp:  5" tach, 2 5/8" liquid filled oil temp, oil pressure, and water temperature), Weld draglites, PST poly suspension bushings, BFG Comp TA's, Maximum  Motorsports camber caster plates, Motorsport HD clutch, BBK clutch quadrant, gauge cage, three core radiator, and one hell of a huge stereo.

Now the car is apart and waiting for a strocker 351, tubular k-member, and ladder bar rear suspension.  I hope to be done with the car some time this winter.