Parts for sale

Front K-member with brakes, A-arms, poly bushings and 
power steering rack.  $150

Stock EFI manifolds (upper and lower).  Lower is ported. 

4.56 gears.  For 8.8.  $100

Edelbrock 351 performer.  Carb intake.  Bead blasted.  
Looks better than new.  $100.

Complete shortblock.  .040" over 302.  Pistons are Crown 
Vic/pickup type with no valve reliefs. Stock HO cam.  
ARP head studs.  Melling HV oil pump.  Stock oil pump 
and pickup from an 89 mustang.  $400

Stock 10.5" flywheel.  Resurfaced.  $30

Autometer Procomp liquid filled fuel pressure gauge.  
0-100 psi.  Comes with chrome mounting cup, hose, and 
fittings to mount it on the cowl between the wipers.  

Stock 5.0 valve covers.  Modified to fit 1.7 rockers.  

A/C system.  Complete.  $70

Comp cams .585" solid roller.  New.  $150

Jessel solid roller lifters.  Busch truch takeoffs.  
$400 a set.

SS valves:  stock size for E7 head, necked down.  .540" 
lift springs, retainers and locks.  $150

Stroked shortblock.  381.  Built by G&M Racing.  Crower 
6.00" rods with Chevy journal.  .680" solid roller cam.  
Probe pistons for inline valve head.  12:1 compression 
with 58 cc head.  Bottom cemented to freeze plugs. $2400 

Hurst competition plus for T5.  $90.

Street fighter C4 built by G&M racing.  Good for 450 hp. 
 $550.  This is a new trannsmission.  Call for details.

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Parts needed

2" long tubes for 351 in 89 mustang.

Autometer gauge (procomp liquid filled, 0-15 psi for 
Two needed.

Autometer 2 5/8" procomp liquid filled black faced boost 

Ladder bar rear suspension.

Manual rack.

1/4 windows with A-1 trim. 

South Side lower bars.

33 spline spool.

MSD programmable timing computer.

MSD wires (8.5 mm).

Tall SVO valve covers.  

87-93 GT rear bumper cover

87-93 doors.  Both sides needed.

Left (driver side) fender.  Two needed

87-93 head lamp assembly.  All six peices.  Two sets 

91-93 rims (Pony's).  Two sets needed (8 rims).